TV show about classic cars

TV Show


Vintage Cars. Classic People. It’s what drives us.

Tail Fins and Chrome is a brand new television series that shares the human interest side of all things automotive. From down and dirty garages where the magic of restoration happens, to pristine collections of famous vehicles, salvage yard secrets and some amazing gems at car shows, get fueled up to see a variety of gorgeous tail fins and some of the shiniest chrome around. Oh, and by the way, it’s all being brought to you in amazing high definition. With high octane running through his veins, follow Jake, as he travels coast to coast to show you car collecting at its finest. Cooler than any other car show around, Tail Fins and Chrome is sure to rev the engines of anyone who can appreciate a classy chassis.

  • Tail Fins and Chrome is available on Dish Network M-F, Channel 82 at 4:30pm Eastern.
  • Tail Fins and Chrome is now on Cozi (NBC Universal) check your local listings here:
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